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Adrian Gamboa - Commander

Richard Stem, Jr - 1st Vice Commander

Larry Solarczyk - 2nd Vice Commander

Todd Mitchell - Finance Officer

Jim Beckman - Adjutant

Phil Luster - Chaplain

Walt Davis - Sergeat At Arms

Paul Emmert, Sr, - Judge Advocate

Rebecca Gamboa - Historian

Rich Richards - Service Officer

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Officer Installation Creed

“My comrades, you have been chosen by your comrades to fill the various offices of Carroll Post #31. You will, I know, vindicate the trust that has been reposed in you, and fulfill in every way the obligations which that trust entails. You shall at once familiarize yourselves with the duties of your particular offices, and you shall proceed upon those duties in the same spirit of devotion and endeavor which characterized that service out of which arose The American Legion. You must know the welfare and success of this Post depends largely on you; and you must also know upon your shoulders equally rests the burden of preserving the integrity of The American Legion. You must protect its good name before the people of the United States. You must exalt it in their eyes. You must make them know as we know its purposes and its policy. Ever remember the tolerant spirit that animates its members. There is no rank among us, for each serves as an equal; and all strive toward the same goal, which is the realization in the life of the Republic of the ideals of Justice, Freedom, Democracy and Loyalty. Ever remember the cardinal purposes of The American Legion are the rehabilitation of our disabled comrades; the care of the dependents of those who have answered the final call, and of those who are now suffering the ravages of wounds, disease and want; rightful education of the children of our Country, and devoted service to the community, state and nation."

Executive Committee Members

1st Year       Carl Blessing          Bob Hyser

2nd Year      Matt Shatzer          Dave Cook

        3rd Year       Vince Dell               Robert Gagnon



Department Executive Committee

Alexander Whitney, Sr. 

Richard Stem, Jr.

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