Thank you to those members of Carroll Post 31 who held the office of District Commander!

1935-36  Bruce T BairNorthern Central District

1940-41  Charles ShipleyWestern Maryland District

1954-55  Burns S HeltibridleWestern Maryland District

1969-70  Arthur E WilsonWestern Maryland District

1972-73  Melvin E HeagyWestern Maryland District

1987-88  Dan BohnWestern Maryland District

2007-08  Mark A MainWestern Maryland District

2010-11  Russell W Myers JrWestern Maryland District

2018-19  Alexander J. Whitney, Sr. Western Maryland District


Below are those Carroll Post 31 members who held a Department of Maryland Office:

1937-38  Dept CommanderBruce T Bair

1972-73  Sergeant-At-ArmsArthur E Wilson

1981-82  ChaplainRev. Fred Eckhart

1985-87  ChaplainRev. Fred Eckhart

1991-95  ChaplainRev. Fred Eckhart

1996-06  ChaplainRev. Fred Eckhart

2012 - Present  Adjutant Russell W Myers Jr

2016 - Present  Service Officer Adrian Gamboa